Tears Off Wallpaper
Friday 25 Jul 2014

ZNAK "Tears off" wallpaper is an innovative modular wallpaper developed by ZNAK in collaboration with popular Dutch conceptual artist Aldo Kroese (http://aldorado.nl/) and the Berlin design duo Studio Hausen (http://www.studiohausen.de/).

The wallpaper is created onto a non-woven base material with a specially designed repeating pattern of perforations. By tearing off portions of the wallpaper, you can create your own unique space and reveal the wall underneath. The colour and texture underneath the wallpaper will become a significant element within the design

Tearing off pieces of the wallpaper is an easy and creative process allowing innumerable amount of unique patterns. By choosing which portion of the pattern to remove, you can experiment with both the positive and negative options of pattern making. Included in the pack is a guide to Tear Off pattern making and the easy to apply sheets of the Tears Off wallpaper making the experience simpler than your average wallpaper installation. In this way even mixing and matching colours would be possible.

This playful foamed PVC wallpaper is washable and resistant to detergents, alcohol and diluted acids and comes in sheets measuring 465mm x 1000mm.

source: Movisi  www.movisi-shop.com