Sky Bang
Stickbulb Wednesday 09 Jul 2014

In collaboration with RUX, Stickbulb have released their most dynamic incarnation of Stickbulb yet: Sky Bang. It's a design which permits the minimal wooden bulb to take centre stage while the central knuckle component provides the opportunity for plenty of variation within the collection, thus presenting the many faces of Sky Bang.

First showcased at New York Design Week, Sky Bang is in fact an evolution of Stickbulb's Bang collection. Whilst the original series was inspired by exploding fireworks, the concept was further developed with this product, shifting the focus from fireworks to light itself. The chandelier is intended as a horizontal interpretation of a burst of light.

The sleek wooden beams are designed to plug in and out of steel hardware connectors without the need for tools. The interchangeable components allow for unlimited customisation and creativity, making this a unique and versatile product. 

All Stickbulb products are designed and crafted in New York, using reclaimed or sustainably sourced wood. The wood finishes are available in sustainably harvested maple and walnut, reclaimed southern yellow pine, or a mixture. The hardware finishes are available in matte white, matte slate grey or blackened steel.