Water Pitcher Block
Antonio Arico Monday 07 Jul 2014

For Antonio Aricò, a designer renowned for giving design personality and narrative, comes Water Pitcher Block; a water carafe that goes against the obvious. Turning away from the natural inclination to design a jug that is either smooth and round or tall and cylindrical, Aricò's instinctive approach lead him to create a rounded cubic shape. Born from a brief sketch, Water Pitcher Block was co-created with glassblower good friend Massimo Lunardon, whose own artisan skill was applied to the process without detracting from Aricò's concept.

The glass pitcher, visually reminiscent of an ice cube, was hand-blown by Lunardon. For Aricò the idea of water invokes simplicity and humble honesty; for this reason, the transparency of untreated glass made it the obvious choice of material.

The design plays on the idea of purity and simplicity. Aricò's intention was to create an emotional object: organic, minimal but with striking characteristics. Like the ice cube it was inspired by, the body of the pitcher is straightforward and iconic, and is accompanied by six miniature companions in the form of cubic glasses of the same style.

The Water Pitcher Block, will be distributed internationally by Editamateria.