Iosa Ghini Friday 04 Jul 2014

The flexibility of the wood, the essentiality of the shape, and the purpose of creating a unique structure: these guidelines served as the inspiration when Massimo Iosa Ghini began designing and creating the STEALTH chair for Livoni.

Iosa Ghini favours the use of wood in furniture design, citing its relative ease of processing and its versatility as the most beneficial qualities. Wood allows virtually endless forms to be created and shaped whilst retaining strength and character that other materials simply don't possess.

This chair represents the rich history of Italian design technique and skill. Local artisans from Friuli, an area of northeastern Italy with its own particular cultural and historical identity, use a combination of traditional wood working techniques and simple technology to create the essentialist shape of the simplistic STEALTH chair.    

Incorporating the principles of organic design: the STEALTH is not intended as simply the result of individual parts to be created and assembled. Rather, the aim was to conceive a stackable chair with a unique structure, constructed entirely from a single material, shown here in natural beech wood.