The PS04 Slide Cabinet
C.C. SULLIVAN Thursday 19 Dec 2013

This high-end modular wall unit offers discrete storage behind wood or metal-clad sliding panels alongside open shelves, suitable for living areas and sleeping quarters. The PS04 SLIDE Cabinet offers mix-and-match modules to accommodate multiple storage needs while maintaining a clean, finished look. A mirror back, Corian bar tops, glass shelf inserts and under-shelf LED lighting are integral to the cabinetry product.

The storage unit is available in wood only or wood with metal sliding doors, from two modules wide and two modules tall to as large as desired. It is designed for recessed, semi-recessed or wall-mounted installation depending on the available wall or cavity depth. The original PS04 recessed cabinet design employs hand-rubbed, oiled bronze and rosewood shelving and lining, with integrated hand pulls of milled solid bronze discreetly flush to its three sliding doors and hidden from view, wrapped in a solid, oiled bronze sheet surround.

Inside, the storage unit has solid-surfacing tops with a liquid edge detail. Optional glass inserts for the wood shelves allow light from a grid of integral LED point sources to cascade below to illuminate objects throughout the storage cabinet. A mirror back panel increases the light available and the appearance of depth.

Purity of materials and simplicity of construction were important goals for the product designer and manufacturer. The natural qualities of rosewood - its grain, colour and texture - complement the richness and depth of the oil-rubbed bronze patina. The solid metal, integral pulls and careful joinery emphasises the craft and solidity of this high-end casework product.

The solution is precise, yet can be adapted for use in unpredictable ways. The PS04 SLIDE Cabinet was inspired by the potential to have multifunctional furnishings in the manner of certain classic styles yet in a modern, timeless idiom. It is shown in rosewood and bronze in a 28-module grid.