Tree Trunk Basin
Indigenous Monday 16 Dec 2013

Indigenous' has introduced a range of freestanding wooden bathroom furniture to its Interiors Collection.  The new range includes single and double basin units - with timber or stone countertops - benches and tall storage cupboards, which each feature a simplistic, linear design and incorporate chrome and wicker details.  All pieces are handmade and available in solid oak or teak, sourced from sustainable European forests. 

Included in the Bathroom Collection is the new Tree Trunk Basin. The pedestal, which is hand carved from the trunk of a Longan fruit tree, now features a vibrant copper basin.  The mix of tactile materials creates a dramatic statement piece, which suits all interior styles. 

The Longan fruit tree (or Dimocarpus Longan) is native to South and South East Asia and a close relative to the Lychee.  Longan is a protected species and is only harvested when it no longer yields fruit.  Each Indigenous pedestal measures approximately 600mm wide by 900mm in height.  A smooth basin is scooped from each section of heavily textured, gnarled trunk and lined with copper.  The metal's ‘new penny' patina deepens over time, taking on a deeper hue.  As well as aesthetic features, copper is also naturally antimicrobial; bacteria will only survive on the surface for a very short time, as opposed to other surfaces on which it can exist for days.

All furniture designs are offered with a natural oiled, golden oiled or lime-washed finish, which provides further resistance to water splash marks and enhances the timber's natural tone.  Stone countertops are supplied ready-sealed and should be re-sealed every 12/18 months. Wood elements can be cleaned with soapy water; as with all natural materials, a mild pH neutral cleaner is recommended.