Little Stool
Antonio Arico Wednesday 11 Dec 2013

Designer Antonio Aricò presents a simple object full of nostalgia.  His aim was to create a less expensive product than in his previous collections.  The concept for the stool came from memories of furniture in a childhood home, which he created from natural pinewood to create a smell synonymous with Christmas.

Simple to build, Little Stool plays with the archetype of a common stool. Minimal but with characterful details, the legs are located in the front and in the back, forming layers and shadows. This re-adaptation gives more visual depth to a simple stool and brings stability and strength. Fun and playful, the stools can be put together to become a couple or friends. Having one is useful, two or three is even more practical and it is the perfect gift to kids or adults who want to engage their youthful, playful side.

Aricò’s two latest collections ‘Back Home’ and ‘Taste of Wood’, on show during Milan Design Week, demonstrated the designer’s keen love of shapes and lines in his iconic furniture.