Spiral Staircase
Lucjan Kuc Friday 15 Nov 2013

The idea behind this design was make a staircase "box on box" composed of monolithic wooden steps prepared for easy montage by any handyman. After extensive consideration on the selection of the materials, architect Lucjan Kuc of QC chose the spruce tree. Local sawmills were employed to carve the wood in a particular way which made it possible to create the "montage" of wooden blocks which built the construction. The boxes were glued together and connected by three rods. Every few stairs, steps were additionally secured to the wall with anchors for wooden piles.

 One challenge encountered during the process was the drying of such large dimensions. For small-scale wooden sections, such as components for a door or furniture, a cross-section can be placed into a dryer for a short time without deforming or cracking. In the case of the Spiral Staircase, this method of drying was insufficient for the cross-sections. It would have dried only the top layer, and the middle of wood would remain wet, which could cause deformation and breakage during use.

 Kuc resolved this issue by "hardening" the wood - a process involving drying and spraying it with water three times, ensuring it became completely safe for continual use. Whilst the reason for drying the parts was initially a technical solution, it also gave the wood a weather effect, adding to the charm of the design.