New Lifestyle
GUBI Thursday 14 Nov 2013

New Lifestyle comes to us from the building housing Design Museum Denmark – a former hospital in central Copenhagen, transformed into a museum by Kaare Klint at the beginning of the last century, which underlines the collection’s new aesthetic.   This series of images expands on Gubi’s current creative universe, broadening its appeal to an international market. There is a strong focus on selecting and mixing designs from different periods to create personal expression. The style is characterised by combining and contrasting different materials such as brass, porcelain, stone, green plants and warm wood.    Included in this collection, Danish design house Gubi have re-launched the works of French architect and interior designer Jaques Adnet, showcasing his innovative, classic designs.  As one of the first artists to employ coloured mirrors and new architectural glass, he created chairs and tubular bedside tables. He also produced mirrors and small furniture items, entirely constructed of silvered glass screwed to a frame, which were to become synonymous with his name.   The collection features iconic products from Great Grossman, such as the Grasshopper floor lamp and the Cobra floor and table lamps. All three products were launched just as modernism was beginning to influence the design industry. The organic form of the lamps was ideally suited to their performance and thus perfectly reflected modernist style.   Gubi has also re-interpreted five of the most iconic pieces from post-war French furniture designer Mathieu Matégot: the Nagasaki chair and foot stool, the low Kangourou table, the coat stand Coat-rack and the Dedal shelving unit, all of which were limited editions with their own history. In addition to being made from a unique material, these pieces come in the primary colours characteristic of the 1950s, or in monochrome versions which were considered very avant-garde at the time, adding to their unique charm.