The Fossil Project
Kagan Product Design Tuesday 05 Nov 2013

Emerging from professional painting factories which use polyurethane paint comes The Fossil Project, an initiative which takes leftover paint at the end of each day and recycles it into striking interior paint designs. Once the paint samples have been mixed with reacting materials, they can no longer be used in industrial production, so designer Shahar Kagan pours them into purpose-built moulds, starting the process of her creative designs. Many factors affect the drying process of the paint - including time, heat, humidity, UV light, measures and dosage between the paint and the hardener material - and the results are often accidental and surprising, allowing each finished piece to be unique.

It can take between six months and two years to produce the chunks of polyurethane, but once formed the material is durable and strong, reacts well to carving techniques and can be used in the decoration of furniture.