MOON System
Monday 28 Oct 2013

Zaha Hadid Architects and B&B Italia are present the MOON System, a unique new seating concept combining the unrivalled experience in manufacturing technologies of B&B Italia with Zaha Hadid Architects' many years of research into complex curvilinear geometries.

Ergonomics and beauty are blended in a continuous shape. MOON liquefies the traditional sofa typology to accommodate a variety of users in a flexible and comfortable design.

MOON redefines the idea of modular seating systems by making each element a module in its own right: the system reconfigures itself by rotating, interlocking, and hiding its individual elements to allow an integration of formal disparate pieces within an overall ensemble.

The complex double-curvature geometries introduced by Zaha Hadid allow the smooth transition between the surrounding space and pieces themselves. MOON is able to constantly reconfigure the equilibrium between solid and void, positive and negative, object and space.

Photographed by Fabrizio Bergamo