Alfiere, Regina and Pedone stools
Friday 18 Oct 2013

This family of stools, designed by Giorgio Bonaguro for Icons Furniture, offers a playful interpretation of this kind of furniture. Drawing inspiration from the games of chess, each stool is designed with a chess piece in mind.

The collection is comprised of several pieces, all of which draw inspiration from the game of chess. Alfiere (meaning the "Bishop" in Italian) is a solid wood stool featuring geometric form, interrupted by a large diagonal cut which acts as a magazine rack. Regina (meaning "Queen") has a more aristocratic and imposing shape. Pedone (the "Pawn") is a rounded and simple stool.

These products have been designed to emphasise the shapes and characteristics of different chess pieces, in particular the heads. The stools are produced by Icons in solid, scented cedar wood with semi-artisanal techniques and processes, enhancing the value and finishes.