NotOnlyWhite Monday 07 Oct 2013

NotOnlyWhite is a Dutch design brand founded in 2010, whose aim is to provide distinctive and flexible product solutions for both the residential and the commercial markets designed by Dutch designer Marike Andeweg. 

Her vision on design roots in purity and practicality. What inspires her most is the challenge to create a pure and effortless product. ‘I’m searching for the boundaries between aesthetics, functionality and material.’

The resulting collections for NotOnlyWhite are a reflection of her experience and personal creative development. Whilst the products are eye-catching aesthetically, they always manage to integrate into their settings fluidly and are intelligent but easy to use.

Marike has created a collection that is strong, cohesive but individualistic in its identity. The shape of the designs permutates along the spectrum of the geometric Kuub and Form to the organic Blend and Moss and every combination in between.

Not only is an array of colours and materials available but also presented is a selection of drain designs, including the two newcomers: the Flow and the Flush. Flexibility is key to NotOnlyWhite and models will be offered in two distinct collections: fixed-size and custom-size.

Based on her experience as a designer and on the feedback from clients over the years, Marike has formulated a well-considered collection of fixed-size models.