DAM Monday 07 Oct 2013

DAM - a new lighting and furniture brand

Hugo Silva and Joana Santos develop Design solutions, involving strategic thinking, technology and identity. Graduated in Design from the University of Aveiro in Portugal, their passion to develop new objects and brands led them to be co-founders of DAM.

Together, they build narratives that foster the communication and dissemination of projects. They explore emotions through forms, colors, materials and technologies. They take advantage of the humor and everyday things in order to generate enjoyment and cultural knowledge. Their motivation is the satisfaction and interaction with people!

Between tradition and modern times, DAM is a furniture and lighting brand that combines materials and traditional techniques with creative drawing.

Every DAM piece is produced in the north of Portugal. Here, they collaborate with the production companies that provide the best technique and aesthetical solutions to produce beautiful and well-made furniture. “We push as well the boundaries of possibility, because we want to make furniture that can withstand everyday use and age with strong personality”.