Bolon by Missoni
Bolon Friday 04 Oct 2013


The organic collaboration between Bolon and Missoni continues with new renditions of the Bolon by Missoni flooring range. Inspired by nature, the extended range now include a progressively autumnal, contemporary rustic palette with four new colours of the classical Flame pattern, evoking stone, rust, wood and lush green foliage.

The new collection is aesthetically versatile, beautiful, luxurious, functional and fashionable, adaptable to all sorts of public spaces.
Iconic Missoni. Quintessentially Bolon.  

Rosita Missoni’s first encounter with Bolon occurred when Missoni Home was decorating Hotel Missoni, Edinburgh. Bolon flooring was chosen for the hotel’s spa facility. An instant, emotional and practical frisson between the Swedish Bolon and the Italian Missoni was evident. Kindred spirits in both business and home life, both are fascinated by colour, weft and weave and both operate as multi-generational family-orientated concerns.

Missoni’s work in fashion and interior is very much inspired by the colours and textures of the nature surrounding the family home in Sumirago, Varese and its view of the Monte Rosa. Nature in Ulricehamn has had a similarly positive effect on the design process for the Bolon family, with the lush scenery and warm colours of the lakes and the undulating hillsides. The outdoors come indoors, subtly communicating Bolon’s commitment to environmental manufacturing methods and its eventual goal of a future without footprints.

Colours pictures: Flame Pine (main); Flame Black; Flame Rust; Flame Stone; Flame Wood; Flame Pine.