BuzziSpace Thursday 03 Oct 2013

BuzziSpace make innovative and modern office/contract furniture, lighting, accessories, flooring, and other pieces that aim to solve the design problem first, but with green materials. 

Instead of simply designing an office cubicle just for the sake of it, BuzziSpace takes a different approach. For example, Belgium-based designer Alain Gilles crafted an all-encompassing workspace that's designed for the modern office, which is all about open floor plans.

The BuzziBooth Targa blocks outside noise thanks to its sound-insulating body. This one's made using the company's special BuzziFabric (70% recycled wool, 25% recycled polyacryl, 5% recycled rags) or BuzziRough (100% recycled polyacryl) materials. 

BuzziSpace is all about designing pieces that solve real life problems while remaining environmentally conscious. They use many eco-friendly materials including recycled PET felt, recycled rags, and recycled wool to name a few. This Belgium company is helping to redefine the way we work and even how we design. There's function, purpose and a freshness to their approach.  

Main image: BuzziMe

Other product images: BuzziGrid (1-2); BuzziMe (3-4); BuzziTemp (5-6).