Capsula pendant light
Lucie Koldova Friday 20 Sep 2013

Lucie Koldova has designed the Capsula Pendant Light for Czech handcrafted glass lighting company Brokis.

Capsula pendant light is composed of two oval capsules of glass when external absorbs the internal and by permeating each other they complete compact form.

The concept is visualized by two convex capsules one overlapping the another and so merged into one single form which reminds an inspiration of nature, shapes of cells or plant seeds.

The combination of outer shell of crystal clear glass and internal capsule of coloured glass creates exciting tension of forms and optical 3D effect.

Capsula light sculpture is gently fixed together by a tubular light source connected with small wooden side bases and the effect is emphasized by blending the colored core into a crystal clear outer bubble.

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Lucie Koldova

Lucie is a product and furniture designer born in Czech Republic. She appreciates influences, inspiration and different cultures melting together in Paris where she continues working for international clients. Lucie produces furniture pieces, glass sculptures and timeless lights, objects of desire. Her work stretches from daily products, conceptual space, urban area to poetic gallery objects and limited series. Lucie uses classic craftsmanship through cutting-edge technologies with a main focus on basic materials such as wood and glass. She likes working with colors, unusual proportions and contrasts, her objects are often pushed to limits. She creates with passion. In 2010, she started her successful path in France with significant glass pieces, called Muffins and Balloons, for a Czech traditional manufacturer Brokis. Since then she keeps on working with glass and enjoys experimenting with different light sources and crafty materials, being fascinated by various techniques of glass blowing.

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