Soma Tuesday 17 Sep 2013

Soma Unveils a Smart, Beautiful Carafe with the World's First Completely Biodegradable Water Filter

Soma sustainable water filter has officially launched into the marketplace with a modern design to redefine the way to drink and serve water in the home. Soma is the pinnacle of clean, industrial design: an elegant glass carafe holds Soma's the world's first completely biodegradable filter.

The unique filter is composed of coconut shell carbon, four layers of fine silk and a plant based casing. The Soma Water Carafe is sustainable and design-led, building an award-winning water filter. 

With the goal of going above and beyond the unremarkable products in the current market, Soma enlisted a dream team of designers, including the world's leading filtration expert, David Beeman and renowned industrial design duo Joe Tan and Markus Diebel. Their collaborative expertise helped to build a filter that is innovative, eco-conscious and convenient. With its unique hourglass-shaped glass carafe, Soma is the first water filter designed with the consumer in mind, constructed to fit perfectly into the pourer's hand.

Founder Mike Del Ponte envisioned Soma as not only aesthetically pleasing, but also ethically sound. Knowing that the majority of filters end up in landfills, the team designed Soma's biodegradable filter to remove water impurities and improve taste. Expired filters can be tossed in green bins and will biodegrade completely in commercial composting facilities without negative environmental impacts.

Mike Del Ponte, Co-founder and CEO of Soma explained:

"First, we focused on product development-creating a decanter-quality glass carafe and innovative filter that provided the best tasting water, while also having the lowest impact on the environment."