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Galvin Brothers Thursday 05 Sep 2013

Moonshine Footstool - Solid Oak Upholstered Footstool

The Moonshine Footstool is a generous disc of sumptuous upholstery on top of a solid oak base. Available in a range of refined colours, with a centred upholstered button detail returning to the undercarriage against the natural wood finish. The Moonshine Footstool is hard working and designed for putting your feet up, but is also perfectly sized for occasional seating, ideal for a sitting room, bedroom or study. Like all of Galvin’s materials, the fabric is sourced from a local supplier, Abraham Moon, established in Guiseley, West Yorkshire in 1837.

Materials: Solid Oak / 100% Wool / Foam; Finish: Danish Oil; Dimensions: 500 x 400 x 500mm; Design: Matthew Galvin

Moonshine Day Bed - Solid Oak Upholstered Day Bed

The Moonshine Day Bed is a multi-functional object. By day it is a generous couch with end table and ample bolster and by night the bolster drops down to the table to become the header of a firm flat and comfortable single bed — making it a practical and stylish addition to any living room, studio or spare room.

The bed is a solid oak and is generously upholstered with a 140mm mattress which is available in a range of refined colours, with eleven upholstered buttons. The Moonshine Day Bed comes with one bolster as standard, but additional bolsters are available making up a full length couch back or two ends.

Materials: Solid Oak / 100% Wool / Foam; Finish: Danish Oil; Dimensions: 1960 x 440 x 860mm; Design: Matthew Galvin

Pippy Oak - Signature Stool & English Pippy Oak - Milk Stool

The Galvin Brothers’ signature stool is a celebration of beautiful English Pippy Oak. With its 'cats paw' print clusters of pips (or knots) the material gives a rustic twist to a modern form and makes each stool unique in its natural detail. The stool is handmade with peg-and-wedge leg joints, ideal for seating, or as an occasional bedside or side table.

Materials: Solid English Pippy Oak; Finish: Danish Oil; Dimensions: 300 x 460 x 300mm; Design: Matthew Galvin

(Completely) Imperfect Stool - Special Edition

The (Completely) Imperfect Stool will be launched in September at Tent London. In this new version of the Imperfect Stool – all three legs are ‘wobbly’ turned and finished in black lacquered. The (Completely) Imperfect Stool is so because it incorporates three of our odd, misshaped leg. The 'wobbly' turned leg is our quirky, deliberately disruptive, interpretation of traditional wood turning - perfectly imperfect with its odd shapes, spacing and sizes. Ideal robust seating, or as occasional bedside or side table.

Materials: Solid Oak; Finish: Danish Oil, matt lacquer; Dimensions: 300 x 460 x 300mm; Design: Matthew Galvin

Pippy Oak  School Bench - Pippy Oak, Folding Leg

The Pippy Oak School Bench is a versatile and functional celebration of this beautiful timber and shows off all of the characteristic 'cat’s paw' clusters of pips (knots) that make each bench unique.

The School Bench comes in two sizes so makes an ideal partner to a dining table or as a resting place for your books, magazine or hallway hats. With its folding leg it is easily stored away or propped up, and is economical to deliver. 

Materials: English Pippy Oak / Powder Coated Steel; Finish: Danish Oil; Dimensions: 1400 x 440 x 250mm or 1750 x 440 x 250mm; Design: Matthew Galvin

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Galvin Brothers

Galvin Brothers design and make contemporary handcrafted furniture from their workshops in Beverley, East Yorkshire. The business was formed as a partnership between Matthew Galvin (designer) and Andrew Galvin (joiner) in March 2012 building on our Father’s 61 years of joinery and cabinet making experience. Our designs celebrate the uniquely wonderful properties of English Oak and other solid woods, placing traditional joinery techniques at the centre of contemporary forms - functional objects with a twist. Galvin Brothers furniture is designed and built to last; honest-to-goodness.