Copper Mirror Series
Hunting & Narud Wednesday 04 Sep 2013

After years spent working independently as designers across bespoke furniture, product, interior and exhibition design, and meeting at endless international events, Amy Hunting and Oscar Narud officially joined forces professionally in 2012. Amy and Oscar are both half British, half Norwegian, and have lived and worked in London for much of the last decade. Not only do they have a stunning collection of products in the show, but will, for a second year running, design the interior of the exhibition space itself as well.

As a design duo, their process begins with exploring a curiosity, be it for a material, a function or a human behaviour. One of their strengths comes from their distinctly different approaches to design: where Amy is keen to explore and create new value from unused resources, Oscar focuses on functionality, and believes that the construction of a piece of design should be emphasized and celebrated.

Their Copper Mirror Series, individually named Vega, Luna and Cara, uses the simple, raw materials of granite, steel and copper, all of which have long mining histories in Norway. Amy and Oscar have intentionally cut back on every element that isn’t absolutely essential, creating a set of mirrors that are as functional as they are sculptural. The mirrors are minimal and bold, but also quietly playful in their balance and moving parts, creating endless golden light formations and reflections.