Figgjo Sans
Wednesday 04 Sep 2013

Marta Frøystad and Runa Klock first met at the Oslo National Academy of the Arts and immediately discovered that they had grown up in the same district of Norway; separated only by a fjord. Marte had early ambitions to become an artist, while Runa’s background included contributing to design- workshops, as well as some time working a gardener and as a graphic designer. It wasn’t long before the pair began creating things together.

Figgjo, manufactured by Figgjo, aims to redefine the perception and flavours of a meal, using materials, surfaces and shapes that enhance the food experience.

The product is the result of cooperation with one of Norway’s most reputed chefs, Even Ramsvik. Investigating how the shape, material and surface of eating apparatus can influence the taste of food, they researched traditional ways of eating from all over the world and found that besides traditional cutlery and chopsticks there aren’t actually many alternatives. Inspired by the sensual practice of eating from an oyster shell, Figgjo Sans is designed to work in conjunction with the taste receptors on the tongue to enhance the flavours of the dishes.