Apollo and Tokyo Box Collection
Cathrine Maske Wednesday 04 Sep 2013

Originally studying ceramics at the Oslo National Academy of the Arts, Cathrine changed direction, keen to work with a new medium, glass. Due to the lack of formal glass education available, she spent three years in Helsinki working on her Masters thesis on how to successfully combine glass and photography.

For her Apollo vase Cathrine uses photographic prints of endangered butterflies from the district around Oslo, and applies them as transfers to the core of her vessels, so the insects appear suspended between layers of coloured and transparent glass.

The Tokyo Box Collection is made of several elements in opaque and transparent coloured glass, which can be stacked in different color combinations. Cathrine’s aim was to make containers for food while creating objects that have a sculptural and decorative quality.



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Cathrine Maske

An unusual combination of glass and photography is the constant element in the work of Cathrine Maske. Through several years of studies in Norway, England and Finland she has created a new artistic image in which the two different medias are equally represented. By exploring the properties of the glass in interaction with the highly different medium represented by the photography, she has indeed contributed to the renewal of Norwegian glass art.