Chisel & Mouse
Chisel & Mouse Tuesday 20 Aug 2013

Chisel & Mouse was launched by architecture enthusiasts and brothers Gavin and Robert Paisley  in 2011. The pair share a combined love of architecture modelling and together have created a fantastic collection of mantelpiece objets. Chisel & Mouse create architectural sculptures of beautiful buildings made out of plaster with fine detail added with metal etching.

The handcrafted sculptures use modern 3D printing for rapid prototyping and more traditional techniques of sculpting, mould-making and plaster casting to building the finished models.

The designers’ focus so far has been on American and British icons, developing a range of iconic buildings in miniature and constantly expanding their range. The sculptures display on desks, shelves and can also be wall mounted. All of Chisel & Mouse’s products are hand made in Britain, by the designers themselves, in their studio in East Sussex.