Metal Glass
Foscarini Monday 19 Aug 2013

Successful Living from Diesel and Foscarini presents Metal Glass, a collection of softly coloured suspension and table lamps, designed as a contemporary restyling of the traditional glass crafting processes. The frosty composition of the glass and the strong and simple silhouette of the range has a vintage appeal, while retaining an industrial feel.

Metal Glass is distinguished by a dense and almost opaque texture which was achieved by pouring soda powder onto the vitreous paste before the blowing process. This then causes a chemical reaction creating air bubbles inside the glass to show texture which the light then illuminates and animates.

The multi-faceted design emphasises the glass working process and divides the massive volume of the lamp into luminous particles. The cylinder of white light cuts across the volume with a bold graphic pattern.

Diesel's sensitivity towards materials, textures and colours is expressed fully in a warm yet at the same time strong and massive lamp, which is contemporary yet which is firmly rooted in tradition.

Metal Glass is available in grey, amber and green colours. Two sizes are available in the suspension lamp, and two variations in the table lamp. The table version is designed to allow the glass to be positioned in both directions.

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