Eco Earth Wallpaper
Eco Wallpaper Thursday 15 Aug 2013

Eco Wallpaper produces a real, down to earth collection. The creative joy in Eco Earth, the new wallpaper collection from Eco Wallpaper, is directly influenced by the beauty of nature and its four elements. The patterns and colours are set to bring out a warm and soothing feeling whilst forming a bright contrast to other materials. This is a decorative collection full of exciting surfaces and structures featuring trendy tie-dye and watercolours as well as designs with kaleidoscopic and ornamental effects. Some of the patterns from the collection have been produced together with Emma von Brömssen.

“The meeting between sand and sea is my inspiration. But foremost, it is about the human drive to decorate. The hand is visible and the earth is tangible” explains Ingela Wingborg, responsible designer at Eco Wallpaper.

Eco Earth is available in stores from 17 September. The collection features a total of 35 prints, 2 Mineral and 5 digital designs.

Eco-Boråstapeter AB produces 12 collections a year, which can be purchased in shops throughout Sweden. The production plant in Borås is quality certified and is a part of the WA WallVision AB Group. The collection is produced for EasyUp wallpapering.