Monomoka Monday 12 Aug 2013

Monomoka are twin sisters Katarzyna and Monika Gwiazdwska, trained architects from Poland creating objects of form and functionality through graphic arts, set design and now, furniture design. Their new collection  ranges from crocheted rolled stools to knitted poufs and cushions made with numerous handmade shapes in cotton or polyester.

The newly launched and very personal MONOMOKA project is a collection of 13 hand-crafted pieces, truly unique in character, merging sculptural forms with multiple functions. An idea conceived in Venice in 2004, the project has evolved since then as a synthesis of creative experience gained from interior and architectural projects.

The painstaking hand crocheting, made by Katarzyna and Monika themselves, means that each unique piece takes many months to create. Monomoka explain, “It is essential that our projects are individual and unique in character, merging a beautiful form with clean function. Each piece of furniture is created from tens to a few hundred or more handmade elements, which are joined together to form a single harmonised creation.”

Examples of their work include Artichoke which is a vibrant flower shaped pouf made of 156 crocheted orange and yellow polyester shapes. More muted tones are used in the design of Soufflé; formed by 76 cotton crocheted shapes seated in a wooden walnut mould. Blossom is a wooden stool covered with a tablecloth made up of 140 crocheted cotton cord flowers on a trapezoidal base made of American walnut. Rack & Roll is a pale grey roll of 843 crocheted linen cocoons form the seat on a base of 4 walnut arches. The playful Sleeping Mice is an oval pouf made of 1500 small crocheted linen mice.

The sisters continue, “Finally, this huge work of passion has given us indescribable satisfaction: we achieved our desired effect.”

The pictured pieces are: (Main) Soufflé; Artichoke; Blossom; Colourful; Monomoka; Rack & Roll; and Sleeping Mice.