Reveal for Aston Martin
Philips Technologie GmbH Friday 09 Aug 2013

The British designer Jason Bruges has created a stunning OLED light installation - Reveal for Aston Martin - with approximately 450 square OLEDs on behalf of Philips Lumiblade.

Bruges connected groups of five OLEDs together to form flower heads that react to the viewer using sophisticated electronics. If a hand comes near, the flower closes, and it does not open until the hand has moved away. When combined with the graduated dim­ming of the OLEDs, the result for the viewer is a fascinating play of light.

After his work on Mimosa, Jason Bruges knew that his next project also had to incorporate OLEDs. The British sports car manufacturer Aston Martin commis­sioned him to create a light installation intended for one special purpose: the delivery of the exclusive One-77 sports car.

Instead of a silk cloth covering the car, new own­ers are initially met with darkness and silence. Slowly, however, more than 750 OLEDs – accompanied by appropriate music – begin their play of light to gradually reveal the body of the sports car.