An amalgamation of things
Svenskt Tenn Thursday 20 Jun 2013

Frank designed furniture and textiles and Ericson had an eye for detail and presentation. They called it "Accidentism" or "The Happy Chances Philosophy." Their conviction that a home should be an eclectic mix of old and new, of different styles, colours and patterns, lives on today in the store and in private homes around the world. Words from Estrid Ericson's Catechism of Interior Design of 1939 and Josef Frank still hold true today:

"The modern home, will be a mixture of items, some more expensive than others, and they do not have to match... convenience and pleasantness quite simply are the main considerations" - Estrid Ericson.
"A home does not need to be planned down to the smallest detail or contrived; it should be an amalgamation of the things that its owner loves and feels at home with" - Josef Frank.

In addition to unique interiors with boldly coloured textiles and timeless furniture, Svenskt Tenn also holds interior accessories such as glass, china, vases, trays, candle holders, as well as everyday items designed by, above all, Josef Frank and Estrid Ericson.

Designer Michael Anastassiades was invited to do an exhibition and a series of products in February 2013 exclusively for Svenskt Tenn. As homage to Josef Frank, Anastassiades created a series of interior accessories where he plays with the concept of sincerity, through a reinterpretation of selected objects that Frank designed over the years, for Svenskt Tenn. Through a change in material, form or functionality, the pieces acquire a new identity, suggesting alternative stories over Frank´s original vision.

A vase to study growth. Inspired by Vase Acorn designed by Estrid Ericson.
Vase in clear glass with top and base in brass. Height: 19 cm. Diameter: 15 cm.

A silent valet to hold your clothes and jewelry. Inspired by floor lamp 2548 designed by Josef Frank in 1952.
Coat Hanger in transparent varnish with brass details. Height: 137-180 cm. Width: 45 cm. Depth: 35 cm.

Lidingö Trivet
Trivet in elm burl root. Limited edition of 100 items.

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Svenskt Tenn

Svenskt Tenn was founded in 1924 by Estrid Ericson. Together with well-known Austrian architect Josef Frank, Svenskt Tenn quickly gained recognition as an established brand of quality, timeless design and excellence. The cooperation between Estrid Ericson and Josef Frank remained not only lifelong but also one of Swedish design history’s most interesting partnerships. Together, the duo created a highly personal style with a combination of Viennese elegance and Swedish functionalism.

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