Fonckel B.V. Tuesday 18 Jun 2013

Fonckel One literally brings people in touch with light. Its patented ‘Lumotion' multi-touch control allows people to shape light as if they can grab it directly with their hands. By means of easy and fun hand gestures on the touch sensitive casing, the light beam can be directed in a wide range of angles, dimmed, intensified, broadened and focused. This offers people a personal, flexible and sensitive interaction with light that is refreshing and great fun to do.

The direct control over direction, beam width and dimming level makes Fonckel One suitable for a wide range of applications, be it at home, in the office or in professional areas like hotels. It is capable of generating a strong and wide light beam, for reading fine print or drawing. The luminaire can also create a very low intensity and focused beam to create exactly the right light for reading in bed without disturbing a partner. 
Fonckel One's organic form has a distinct character that directly relates to its unique use. Its smoothly curved surfaces are shaped to fit the movements of the human hand and irresistibly invite touch. This is the core of Fonckel's design philosophy: to create pleasant and intuitive interaction with light by closely connecting to the human body and its skills.

With this design, the opportunity that LED technology offers to fully reinvent the consumer luminaire in terms of shape, interactivity and functionality is thankfully taken.

This luminaire is based on Fonckel's Lumotion technology. A multi-touch sensing surface picks up hand gestures that are interpreted by custom engineered gesture recognition algorithms in the luminaire's Central Processing Unit. Precisely engineered optics ensure a fluent and uniform rendering of light beams. Fonckel One uses energy efficiency of LED technology. Its 39 white LEDs (2700K), manufactured by Cree, produce powerful light while using only 20W at maximum intensity and beam width. The luminaire's dimensions are 373 mm high x 157 mm wide x 221 mm long.

Fonckel One is fully designed and manufactured in the Netherlands. It was first introduced to the market in the Netherlands, Belgium, France, Italy and Germany in December 2012, and is currently for sale in 12 countries in Europe and Asia. 

The multi-touch interaction is best viewed by clicking here