Anywhere Case
Herman Miller Ltd Tuesday 18 Jun 2013

The workplace is changing. Traditional, habitual working practices once integral to the workplace now risk constraining the contemporary worker. Activity Based or Nomadic working is gathering momentum among businesses seeking to improve productivity, whilst enabling employees to achieve their desired work/life blend. 

This evolution of the contemporary workspace, as well as the new technologies and information required for daily tasks are key motivators in the design of the Anywhere Case.

The Anywhere Case is an agile work tool that supports the flexible movement of people and provisions. It provides a compact solution with a tactile feel that has material softness at its heart. The use of thermoforming EVA materials offer a soft, light-weight, yet highly durable product for transporting work essentials and personal items.

In the modern workplace there is an increasing reluctance towards personalisation, and a growing need to accommodate new technologies.  The innovative design of Anywhere offers a solution for organising work whilst giving people a sense of their own space.  As touch down and communal work areas often lack the means for organising work Anywhere provides users with their own personal workspace within shared working environments, with space to file work, transport technology, and store business cards, stationery and other essentials. It allows the user to work in a compact, efficient and effective manner, anywhere.