Modus Furniture Friday 14 Jun 2013

The brief was to design a multi functional wooden arm chair, we wanted to use wood as to help prevent the chair dating and to ensure it was environmental

The Norse chair, designed by Simon Pengelly, combines centuries old means of furniture production, such as steam bending,with more modern methods. Ply pressing has been pushed to its limits to achieve the section at the centre and back of the chair, challenging what is possible with a regular veneer and the elliptical steam bent sections push the boundaries of section ensuring a lightness of design. The plywood is combined with solid wood, either ash or oak, to give the design a certain richness and authenticity. The chair seat is affixed to the solid wood components using a mortise joint.

The chair is available in a range of colours and natural oak and ash, with an optional upholstered seat pad.

The name Norse alludes to the Scandinavian influence on the design, a 2013 take on Danish chairs of the 1940s. "We tried to come up with something that had a lightweight, fine appeal in the Danish tradition of furniture making."

The design of the Norse chair has a quietness to it, its quality is in its construction, especially the joints. The way the materials are used and the processes employed to make the chair really gives added value to the product.

Pengelly always tries to produce furniture that crosses over from domestic to contract environments and into many different types of usage from hotels and restaurants, bars and even offices. This comes from the idea of making the place you work in feel like a home from home. Bringing in domestic influences in terms of the furniture specified, such as a wooden chair, which you might usually find in a kitchen or dining room, is one way to readily achieve this.

In a workplace, timber furniture can work particularly well to counteract the much harder man-made surfaces such as heavy duty flooring and complex air conditioning and ceiling systems.

The chair has a light and airy appeal with a distinctive contour; Norse would sit comfortably in either a domestic, hospitality or contract setting.