Chroma-Q Inspire
Chroma-Q Friday 14 Jun 2013

The new Chroma-Q InspireTM colour-changing LED house light is a powerful multi-purpose creative lighting tool that provides designers and end users with the ability to seamlessly transform the look and feel of a venue or a themed space.

Featuring a cutting-edge design on the inside, through to its aesthetically-pleasing exterior, the Inspire combines entertainment, theatrical and architectural lighting capabilities, making it ideal for themed retail space, leisure, corporate and other architectural lighting environments.

High output, RGBW colour-changing LEDs provide users with a choice of clean white colour temperatures and a colour palette ranging from soft pastels to bold saturates - all in the same fixture.

Fully homogenised colour mixing optics and a choice of three different lens options provide high quality light output with no unsightly colour separation shadows. In addition, the Inspire's custom optical design provides a smooth, uniform wash, matched by theatrical grade dimming.

Featuring a compact, energy-efficient LED design, the Inspire house light has an incredibly low power consumption of 110W - providing venues with lower running costs compared to other traditional architectural lighting sources and substantial savings over time.

Utilising Chroma-Q's ColorSureTM technology for enhanced consistency when using multiple fixtures together, and having a high CRI of 90, the Inspire can achieve extremely accurate colour matching.

Industry standard DMX-512 input enables control via a venue's house lighting control system and the ability to seamlessly map ceiling lighting, introducing soft colour effects and warm amber looks to engage and captivate the room environment.

Other features include a powerful 4,000 hot lumens output and an adjustable CCT.

The Inspire is available in standard black or white bodied versions, or can be manufactured in a custom colour option to suit a venue or space's colour scheme. It can be specified with either a narrow (32° approx.), medium (42° approx.) or wide (65° approx.) beam angle lens.

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