Wambamboo by Kent Gration Friday 14 Jun 2013

The rationale for the Constellation Pendant Light is to explore the celestial connection between people from different places, times and cultural backgrounds, and how we are all connected and guided by the same points of reference - the stars, sun and moon. When viewed from different angles the pendant light projects an array of vector formations, reflective of celestial bodies seen in the night sky.

The inspiration for the light was derived from Australia's tyranny of distance and most notably our countries geographical isolation. As designers based in Australia, we must travel vast distances in order to experience and appreciate invaluable collaborations, whilst establishing creative networks which are beyond our cultural vernacular. The light highlights how the use of a ubiquitous material endemic to the Asia-Pacific region (Moso Bamboo, China) combined with Australian design, has enabled discourse in relation to socially and environmentally-aware design, not only in China and Australia, but internationally due to it's material, cultural and aesthetic vernacular.

The brief for the piece was to create a visually engaging pendant light produced from bamboo - a rapidly renewable material, whilst improving environmentally-aware factors - material efficiency, transportability, minimal material usage and packaging re-use. Importance was placed upon the cultural significance of design semiotics and how these would imbue a universal connection.

Repeated straight components are combined to create a visually refined yet complex pendant light. The only waste generated during CNC production is the cut kerf (5%), further improving upon the environmentally-aware ethos of using bamboo. By assessing the necessary amount of material required for a product's intended function, the light is designed to allow for a maximum amount of light array with minimum diffusion, whilst still creating a decorative fitting.

Components may be angled differently to create a variety of shapes. The internal structure is colour customisable. The light can be retrofitted to existing lampholders without rewiring, by simply inverting the light and cables upside down and attaching the suspension cable ceiling flange to the existing lampholder.

The light, including electrical components easily assembles and disassembles, flat-packing into a 70cm x 8cm diameter tube with minimal vacant space. The tube doubles as a home-made telescope using the provided concave and convex lenses - referencing the product's astrological and culturally universal inspiration.

Carbonised bamboo, steel cable, 14W LED light bulb, cotton braided cord.

56.5cm(w) x 56.5cm(d) x 42.5cm(h)