Axor Friday 14 Jun 2013

Axor Starck Organic launched in 2013 in North America. Philippe Starck's fifth collection with Axor (the designer brand of Hansgrohe), it is provocative in aesthetics, eco-friendly, and has set a new standard in bathroom design. Axor Starck Organic faucets feature an aerator that boasts a virtually unprecedented 90 spray outlets (standard is 40-50 spray outlets), while measuring less than an inch in diameter. Despite its low flow settings, air enrichment helps to make the faucets' spray feel full and luxurious. This new and efficient solution for the sink not only provides a new sensation; it is also more functional as it covers a larger surface area. The experience is comparable to the luxurious shower spray of the company's Raindance® AIR handshower.

To turn the faucet on, the users can turn the tip of the spout halfway for a .9GPM flow (60% water savings) or all the way for a 1.3 GPM flow (40% water savings), which adds extra volume. Because two low-flow settings are available, the users decide how much water they realistically need-thereby promoting personal eco-awareness. The spout/handle hybrid is designed for use with the thumb for the most intuitive and comfortable operation. As this function is more frequently used, it is positioned close to the water outlet, which allows for easy steering of the quantity of water and prevents over-splash. The temperature is regulated at the top of the faucet as it is less frequently used. Should users want to manually change the temperature, the top of the faucet can be easily turned for hot or cold options.

Breaking with average plumbing manufacturing tradition, Axor extended the metal hose all the way up to the cartridge at the top of the faucet and extended it into the cartridge at the spout. Axor is a vanguard with this idea, as the industry norm is that the hose only extends as far as the base of the faucet. Thanks to this special construction, the walls of the basic body can be cast using about one third less brass than a conventionally produced model.

As a sustainable lifestyle is the new normal, this collection is helping to shape the future of bathroom design by delivering a superior eco-friendly product. Further, it is also designed to create proactive eco- conscientiousness, inviting users to think more about using water responsibly by choosing between low-flow settings and helping to positively change quotidian behavior.