The Large Tree
Twelve O'Clock Dream Friday 14 Jun 2013

It’s time to dream... Remember how you feel when you enter a space that you love? That special place that allows you to pause and appreciate what you see? The Twelve O’Clock Dream vision is to create dream time space to allow for brief moments of escaping the harshness of daily life through customized wall art.
In May 2011, Twelve O’Clock Dream set out to achieve various design objectives, mainly creating a unique and cutting-edge brand of wall decor that is environmentally friendly and does not off-gas hazardous fumes. Twelve O’Clock Dream is committed to return to natural materials and simplicity. At the same time, we wanted to create beautiful designs that evoke a positive emotional experience. Dr. Ester Sternberg’s book “Healing Spaces” published by Harvard University Press, illustrates the research behind environmental psychology that Twelve O’Clock Dream set out to implement through design.
People are instinctively drawn to beauty in nature because these elements in nature are good for our brain. They bring us into a relaxed, meditative state where our body can heal. The Large Tree design is an example of biophilic design and environmental psychology because it promotes positive interactions between people and nature and is beneficial to mind/body well-being.
For a back to basics approach, the traditional stenciling technique was chosen over wallpaper or wall decals because it produces less material and chemical waste. The stencils themselves can be reused and are recyclable. Unlike wallpaper, our product takes no time to remove and produces virtually no waste upon removal. In addition, Twelve O’Clock Dream is presently exploring the use of organic, mineral and food based paints which are a more eco-friendly compared to printing processes of wallpaper. Twelve O’Clock Dream’s designs are colour customizable with endless colour options. We also do a colour consultation and analysis based on colour psychology for the client’s needs as well as the function of the space. Layouts can be repeat or one-off. Our original artwork designs are current and range in size from 12.5” x 19” to 6′ 7” x 22” with larger scale designs creating a feeling of fantasy. The result is an artisan, hand painted, quality finish.
The designs submitted here were completed between October 2011 and October 2012