Cleopatra Benches
Paul Case Furniture Friday 14 Jun 2013

The Cleopatra Bench brings together some contrasting elements to create a balanced whole. Hard materials are next to soft, also, angled structures support a rounded seat. The Cleopatra Bench is simple yet distinctive. It is contemporary luxury designed and made by our highly skilled, in-house, craftsmen in Lancashire, UK.

The design was created initially as a bespoke piece for a private client. However, on finishing the original the designers were really pleased with the results and thought there was commercial potential in the design.

Designed by Paul Case the Cleopatra Bench is like his "Spyder Range" in that the design utilises architectural influences to give aesthetic, structural and functional meaning to the furniture. The few elements in the piece are sufficient.

The original version of the bench was for a private client. After then recognising the potential of the design and wanting to make more of them there was then a change - in that their own workshop became the new client. Small changes were needed to ensure the skills and processes of the workshop were fully reflected in the bench design. Likewise to ensure the local upholstery firm who make the seats were brought in to get their input. Of course, at the same time, these manufacturing considerations had to add to the overall desirability of the bench to the consumer. 

The Cleopatra design also benefits our workshop in that the one design is suitable to being made in three standard lengths making the design ideal for a number of different locations. The longest bench at 1.4m is good for ottomans and hallways and the shortest at 0.8m is ideal for dressing tables and the corner of any room.

The benches are made from sustainably sourced (FSC) timbers - either European Oak or American Walnut. The sub-frame is FSC Beech and the leather is Scottish.

An innovative approach of the Cleopatra Bench is that we want to keep the manufacture in-house (with some local sub-contractors) as long as possible. The designers like the idea of medium volume in-house UK craftsmanship manufacture coming to the fore again. This will only be possible because the bench is fairly straight forward to make whilst still having lots of visual appeal. The designer may outsource small stages in the manufacture, as with the upholstery, but most will stay in-house, in Lancashire. 

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