Urban Fabric
Four O Nine Friday 14 Jun 2013

URBAN FABRIC is a series of area rugs inspired by manmade patterns inscribed upon the Earth's surface through the development of agricultural, urban, and other human organisational patterns. The way these systems organise and divide parcels of land, how we occupy and use this land has shaped and marked the landscape in unique ways. Urban Fabric abstracts these patterns and expresses them in luxurious hand tufted New Zealand Virgin Wool. Varying pile heights give the patterns depth and texture. When walking upon an URBAN FABRIC rug, this signature textured surface gently massages the soles of sore globe-trotting feet.

The current collection includes the a standard 2m x 3m set of rugs depicting cities the designers have found personally significant or inspiring during their careers as global professionals. These rugs include, but are not limited to Forbidden City, Shanghai, Toronto, Los Angeles, Paris and Holland. The URBAN FABRIC Manhattan rug is an exception, measuring a supersized 9m x 3m. The Time Zone Rug explores Four O Nine's fascination with abstract non-physical divisions inscribed on the earth's surface and is an homage to our ever globalising world.

It goes without saying that the world's time zones affect most humans and their daily schedule, yet they are invisible and completely abstract boundaries. What is more is the variation in the divisions between each zone, sometimes they follow geographical and physical boundaries, as in the case of South America, and in other cases they are seemingly arbitrary as in the case of North America. China is unique in that it only has one time zone for the entire country.

All Four O Nine rugs are 100% New Zealand Virgin Wool and are hand- tufted in Bangkok, Thailand.