Design Initiatives Friday 14 Jun 2013


The Choice Chair is part of Not Just a Chair Collection of comfortable, poly-functional, beautiful, durable, and eco Objects which provide new type of sitting, joyful and relaxing experience. It is transformative and playful hybrid for public and private, adults and kids which extends the traditional role of chair and adjusts its function with just a flip. In tiny urban settings the Choice Chair replace the necessity of over-crowding furniture by changing its use in accordance with changes in client’s activity, needs, mood, and part of the day... The Choice Chair can be easily inverted to function as a barstool, individual lounge with 2 angles of backing, bench for 2, footrest or a cocktail - coffee - side table with a magazine rack. 2 bar stools for instance in other setting can accommodate 4 guests as 2 benches. It is made out of 100% recyclable 15 mm thick clear or translucent acrylic in a range of colours to merge into the environment and with upholstered cushion. The durable, long-lasting material is break resistant, fire-retardant, UV stable, and weatherproof – does not fade or degrade. The Choice Chair is strong and lightweight, structural and at the same time poetic with unique, vibrant, dynamic, and ergonomic form.

CREDITS: Vlado Valkof, Design Initiatives – designer Charles-Ryan Barber