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Aeroblades is the result of a collaboration between Speirs + Major and Cree Inc. to produce the next generation of urban amenity lighting. Rather than try to make LED work within a conventional street light form, the family of luminaires has been designed from the light source up to optimise their performance and to utilise all the potential of LED, combining elegant aesthetics and high performance with exceptional flexibility to enable maximum use throughout the urban environment.

At the heart of the luminaires are Cree LEDs fitted with NanoOptics. With over 20 different optics available, the range offers exceptional control with very high efficiency, allowing the luminaires to be tailored to suit a wide range of mounting heights and spacings whilst delivering the light only where needed. Different optics can be used within the same luminaire to achieve very complex distributions. The LEDs have been grouped into modules of ten, allowing the luminaires to be scaled to meet a wide range of output requirements: from a quiet pedestrian route right up to a highway.

The aesthetic of the blade-like module has been driven by the cooling of the LEDs. In contrast to a standard multi-vaned heatsink hidden on the back of a fixture, the whole body of the module is used for cooling. This approach, combined with its fluid curves, allows excellent air flow and avoids the risk of dirt and detritus building up which could impair cooling. The high efficiency of the cooling allows exceptional performance and longevity (L70 rating of 80,000 hours). This cooling combined with the minimal top surface area also allows LED fittings to be used reliably in hot climates.

The central spine and mounting arm of the luminaire have been designed to be as slender as possible in order to produce transparency when viewed from below and in front, allowing it to recede into its surroundings.

There are a number of mounting options for the luminaire: wall mounting, column mounting (with the control gear in the column base for easy access) and retro-fit column mounting (with the control gear in the mounting arm) which allow pre-existing columns to be re-used.

The fixtures have been designed to minimise their environmental impact, requiring less material than a traditional fixture. In addition, the manufacturing techniques are able to utilise recycled materials and the luminaire is easily disassembled, allowing recovery of materials at the end of its life.

See a video of Aeroblades in action here:


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