studioforma associated architects Thursday 13 Jun 2013

One can make many new forms out of an apparently simple body, but the challenging key aspect is to find the perfect architectural proportion in it. The door handle, originally created to open and close doors, was revolutionised by the inspirative design of Studioforma Associated Architects. The firm turned this ordinary home accessory into a desirable must-have piece as it improves the impression of the home design.

Created by the Swiss architecture office, the door handle Outline is unique and timeless, following the principles of straight lined elegance and modern beauty. The minimalist shape characterises and reflects the contemporary conception which is present in all of Studioforma Associated Architects' designs. The piece was inspired by one of the simplest geometry in architecture - the cube, and Studioforma reduced it to the most essential: a naked beauty with plain outlines and a perfect eyecatcher for today's modern homes.

In a general meaning an outline represents what the eye can perceive, expressed by the delineation of thin lines that compose a lightweight door handle. This hollow body with a cubic profile creates a feeling of space as it enables to see through to the other side. One transparent appearance constitutes Outline as a very elegant and understated piece. Both the plates and the handle are made of stainless steel with a fine brushed finish. Having this silhouette in its most crucial elements in combination with the plates, a pleasant tension arises and is further supported by the clean surface that enhances the touch sensation

Given its sleek characteristic, this luxury handicraft can be adapted to numerous surroundings in virtue of its sophisticated material and light form. The core feature of stainless steel provides long life cycle, accrediting the outline door handle to suit internal and external door applications by its high quality and endurance.