ISKOS - BERLIN Tuesday 11 Jun 2013

Simple, poetic wire pendant in recycled PET fiber: Compression-moulded form felt of polyester from recycled plastic. Every shade is unique in it´s shape.

A picture from the childhood stays clear in the memory - my mother putting me to bed and covering the lamp with some cloth to deem the light down. May be it was her skirt or headscarves. And if it was not enough she threw one more over it. Later the mother of my children did the same... Very basic, straight forward and relaxed way to create a lampshade - just couple of layers of cloth over the light! TUTU lamp shade is made solely out of polyester felt, produced of fiber mainly out of recycled plastic bottles. Two preheated mats of polyester felt thermo pressed in the mould that partly controls them, partly lets them form freely - as they naturally fold, as material "wants". Cooled down felt stiffens and keeps the shape. No subsequent trimming, no wastes, no surface treatment demanded - it is ready taken out of the mould.

Pendant lamp D=80-85cm

Product specification Art. no.

Lightsource D/MM Color(xx): -01 grey/white, -07 grey/red, -11 grey/grey.

HFF = Dimmable with DALI, DSI, SwitchDim.

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Boris Berlin Industrial and Graphic Designer MDD, born in Skt. Petersburg (Leningrad) 1953, graduate of the Institute of Applied Arts and Design, Leningrad 1975. Employed by VNIITE, Leningrad in 1976 and worked freelance, designing a wide range of industrial products and graphics. Since 1983, BORIS BERLIN DESIGN in Denmark. 1985-87 working for Penta Design, computerized work station for Danish Post and Telegraph. Since 1987 cofounder and partner of KOMPLOT Design. With KOMPLOT Design received numerous Design Awards and distinctions and is represented in several Design Museums around the World. Since 2010 cofounder and partner of ISKOS-BERLIN Design. Aleksej Iskos Born in 1965 in Kharkov, Ukraine. Studied architecture at Kharkova's Institute of Civil Engineering and later theory of education at the State Institute of Pedagogic. Since 1991 living in Denmark and graduated from Institute of Industrial Design at Denmark's Designskole in 1996. From 1999 to 2010 employed at Komplot Design, Copenhagen. Various works are included in collections of The Designmuseum Danmark, The State Art Council collection and Icelandic Museum of Design. Since 2010 cofounder and partner of ISKOS-BERLIN Design. ISKOS --- BERLIN Design 2010 was established and is a partnership of Aleksej Iskos & Boris Berlin. ISKOS --- BERLIN is engaged within the fields of industrial, furniture and graphic design.

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