Britto Charette Thursday 06 Jun 2013

WASI is the inspired creation of the Britto Charette team and the launch of an ever-growing collection of Britto Charette's BC Home accessories.

Their team draws from members' backgrounds in art, design, architecture, and global travel to create stunning and luxurious pieces for today's discerning buyer. The porcelain designs are sleek yet playful, with soft silhouettes that provide bold accent pieces to visually charge a room.

"When creating the designs for WASI, we envisioned these pieces as artifacts of our contemporary civilization for future generations. Looking to the future induced them to look to the past..." Jay Britto, a principal of Britto Charette, is Peruvian, and helped inspire them with Incan ceramics, jewellery, and tools. From that inspiration, they derived the forms and then reached out to artisans in Peru who would fabricate the designs with high-quality materials such as porcelain and gold.

Each piece is hand crafted by skilled artisans who use a special firing technique that gives the 24-karat Italian gold glaze a deep hypnotic sheen. Although the pieces are mainly decorative, they are glazed on the inside in order to hold water-making them perfect for interesting flower arrangements or as luxurious containers for whatever piques your imagination.

Kinsa, Piku, Kawa, Batan, and Uya are the five pieces comprising the WASI collection. Each piece is imbued with its own personality that complements and interacts with the others. Kinsa is inspired by sacred artifacts that were used to worship the Inca sun god, Inti. With its large round belly and open mouths it emanates sun energy into any space it occupies.

Piku is derived from animalistic characteristics of many Inca pottery pieces and jewellery. It's easy to imagine this whimsical creature cavorting on your coffee table. Kawa is inspired by a subculture of the Incas called the Moche. This seed-like object is perfect as a paperweight or simply to decorate your coffee table. Batan, a tabletop sculpture, is modelled after a tool the Incas used to grind corn and other grains.

Finally, Uya, the only box in the WASI collection, has an urn-like quality, wherein the box top is appropriated from an Inca burial mask. The inside of Uya is glazed in an oxblood red, creating the sense of a sacred space for whatever items you choose for it to hold.