Bolon Thursday 06 Jun 2013

Wing is a flooring tile that allows architects and designers to combine several of Bolon’s collections and elevate them to a new level. The strong architectural form interacts elegantly with interior design elements and building details. The results are striking – the new format reenergises each collection with all new characteristics – especially in combination with one another.

“Wing is a fantastic tile that both highlights our collections and gives architects and designers a new palette of creative interior design possibilities. Wing invites to playfulness and inspiration, and by combining different hues, nuances, patterns and collections, it’s possible to create a whole new spectrum of expressions that truly take advantage of Bolon’s light reflective characteristics,” says Marie Eklund, CCO of Bolon.

Bolon is a design-led business which draws influences from the world of fashion to produce unique woven vinyl floors for creative and inspiring environments. A Bolon floor can be installed anywhere that would normally have a textile floor. The range is produced for public environments with a focus on hotels, offices and exclusive shops. They meet all the stringent standards for fire safety, wear and durability, environmental aspects and sound insulation. All production is carried out in Ulricehamn in Sweden.