Assemblyroom Ltd Thursday 06 Jun 2013

The Hyde Stool is a fully upholstered stacking stool which is ideal for a wide range of environments from flexible workspaces and informal meeting areas to hotels, bars, museums and educational institutions.

The Hyde Stool is a frameless piece and is moulded using PU CMHR foam, making it a comfortable, light weight stool that is easy to handle. This coupled with its ability to stack 4 high, makes The Hyde Stool a versatile seat for flexible spaces. The Hyde Stool is moulded and skinned using specialist British automotive manufacturers (who work with clients such as Jaguar & Bentley) who were chosen for their precision and quality. The Hyde Stool has a vacuum formed ABS base to protect the underside of the stool, provide glides and aid its stacking ability.

The Hyde Stool is upholstered in Camira fabric: Blazer or Intervene. Camira (a British based company) create the natural and renewable Blazer range from 100% Laneve wool, which is sustainably produced and traceable to its farm of origin in New Zealand. For every metre sold Camira make a donation to help protect the whales and dolphins in New Zealand.

Available in a wide range of colours the Hyde stool can be upholstered as a solid colour or in a two tone colour combination. This creates a playful looking stool, both when in use and when stacked as a totem, adding interest and vibrancy to any interior.

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