Couch Design Tuesday 04 Jun 2013

The Raffa chairs typify the design ethos of their creator Ian Archer. Unique designs hilight the quality of manufacture and offer excellent comfort. Their
contemporary aesthetic references the past, in its classical elegance, traditional quality and craftsmanship; but is updated by generous proportions, attention to detail and the application of natural materials.
The design and construction of the Raffa Chairs was conceived with longevity and sustainability to the fore. All wooden components are FSC (Forestry Stewardship Council) approved, and the chairs are available in either oak or walnut. The refined wooden detail and application of the rattan - a fast growing and therefore sustainable material -necessitates the use of highly skilled artisan makers.
The chairs are available with natural cushion and upholstery fillings, utilising coir (coconut husks), natural latex, wools and feather cushions, and are upholstered in a selection of British manufactured natural and sustainable fabrics, including wool, linen and  hemp.