Cumbria Crystal's Bottles
Katy Holford Friday 15 Mar 2013

Cumbria Crystal, one of few remaining producers of hand-blown and hand-cut full lead English crystal, launched Bottles in January 2013, a chic collection of full lead cut crystal bottles produced by skilled craftsmen in the Lake District. Launched following the success of Cumbria Crystal's Six Stemware and Six Gift collections, Bottles is a mix of 6 contemporary glass designs matched to make one unique collection.

The intricate craftsmanship used means that to make a single piece, there are 6 individual processes, each step completed by a highly skilled craftsman/woman. From blowing to cutting, every step is done by hand, creating a glass of superb clarity and artisan finish. Designer Katy Holford explains her inspiration for the collection; 'The bottles are a witty reworking of the kitsch chianti bottle candle holder. A nostalgic nod to the 70's and 80's when as students we glammed up a cheap meal with red wine and candles.'  

The design proportions of bottle and candle are elegant and reworking it in luxury crystal turns a cliche into something sophisticated and refined. Cut crystal sometimes has fusty connotations. The aim of this collection is to give the medium a fresh contemporary approach that suits today's interiors. It's all about reinvention, turning an everyday bottle into something extraordinary and exquisite. Bottles, available from retailers Heals and Liberty, comes in 2 shapes, Bordeaux and Burgundy, in 6 different designs and each bottle includes an elegant hand-made pewter candle cup to prevent candle wax spoiling the sparkle of the crystal. Each Bottle is 31cm in height, 9cm in diameter and also serves as a wine carafe holding 750ml capacity.

Katy Holford who is reinventing cut crystal for 21st century living with contemporary and innovative designs has an impressive design background and is passionate about retaining traditional crafts skills within Britain, ensuring they are passed to future generations. The Company remains small and true to its artisan roots, employing 17 people at its factory in The Lake District where visitors can watch craftsmen/women producing crystal in the time honoured way.

Cumbria Crystal supplies all Commonwealth embassies with crystal to grace formal dinners, as well as supplying glasses for ITV's Downton Abbey and hand crafting the light bulbs for international designer Lee Broom. Katy designs bespoke glassware for renowned retailers Harrods and Thomas Goode, as well as exclusive commissions for furniture designer and nephew to HRH Queen Elizabeth, David Linley.

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Katy Holford

Cumbria Crystal is one of the few remaining producers of hand-blown and hand cut full lead English crystal. The company is lead by Katy Holford, who is reinventing cut crystal for 21st century living with contemporary and innovative designs. Only traditional glassmaking methods are used and Cumbria Crystal refuses to make products overseas or use automated manufacturing methods. Their commitment to quality remains exacting. Cumbria Crystal supplies all the Commonwealth embassies with crystal to grace formal dinners as well as supplying elegant glassware for the set of Downton Abbey. Cumbria Crystal makes exclusive commissions for furniture maker David Lindley, international designer Lee Broom, as well as top luxury retailers like Harrods, Liberty and Thomas Goode.