The Swing Chair
Antonio Arico Wednesday 20 Feb 2013

The Swing Chair was shown for the first time this month in in Turin during the WABI SABI show. The Swing Chair comes from Antonio’s Aricò research on characters and personalities generally hidden in products. The Swing Chair brings indoor a romantic situation, an outdoor feeling that usually makes us want to dream, relax and play. Being inside, the Swing Chair becomes a domestic ‘puppet’. A living marionette with its own presence and character.

More than a flying chair, it’s also a sweet metaphor. Like Gepetto did for Pinocchio, Antonio gave life to his idea and concept with the use of ropes. The arms of the graceful ‘Swing Chair’ are strong and they literally adopt the position of real human harms holding strongly something - presence and character. Smoothly the chair copies your movements and character and takes either a sober or fun posture.