Wednesday 20 Feb 2013

Alberto Fabbian in collaboration with Antoniazzi & Piovesana, 3B Ceramiche and Bosa Ceramiche

Social networks have always existed, but the term to “network” is certainly a contemporary one. In the sense that networks connect people, events and places, Europe is a mass of connections.

&ABILITY seeks to interpret networks as personal and business intersections that reflect culture and landmasses through a unique knowledge. Wicker weaving and decorated weaves on ceramics, using different materials and processes, develop and raise awareness of the European craft tradition. This diversity works to promote innovation.

The name &ABILITY itself represents the union of interconnectivity. “&”, (from Latin, Et) and “ability” underline the importance of sharing different expertise.

&ABILITY is constructed of one wooden table that holds different components: lampshades, bowls, wicker baskets or ceramic vases, each of them carrying its own identity, despite being part of the same project. This reflects the social culture of Europe itself, in that we live as independent people but also as citizens of a larger community: Europe.

Components are connected in a dynamic dialogue and may be combined depending on the user’s taste and needs, to create different compositions, in which weaving establishes continuity.

Materials: oak wood, wicker, ceramics, decoration with colored earths.

Photo credits: Alessandro Guerriero for CASA EUROPA