Normann Copenhagen Thursday 07 Feb 2013

Brick cushions

By Normann Copenhagen

Designer Britt Bonnesen has created a geometrical cushion for Normann Copenhagen with a modern and elegant feel.

The cushion is a play on shapes, colours and materials. Brick is made up of various textures and shades of fabric and is a simple way to add a dash of colour to the home.

Britt Bonnesen's inspiration for Brick has been found in both geometry and patchwork. The pieces of textile used on the front of the cushion have been cut into simple squares and geometrical shapes creating an irregular graphical pattern when seen together. The front pieces are all different while the back is made up of one piece of material.

The bright, vivid colours are a recurring source of inspiration for Britt Bonnesen's designs taken from the world of fashion. Each piece of material contains its own unique shade while the cushion maintains the same, dominant colour. This gives the cushion an understated kind of elegance.

"I wanted to create a cushion that was nice to rest on and at the same time has a cosy and playful

feel. I like that the pieces of material used in the cushion are of various shapes, colours and structures as it gives the cushions a dynamic look that is reminiscent of patchwork, jigsaw puzzles and games such as Tetris." Britt Bonnesen said.

Brick is produced in nine different colours making it easy to find a cushion that suits your style of interior decoration. Use a single cushion as an eye catcher on the sofa or bed. Combine different colours or create your own soft and inviting relaxation corner by placing several cushions together on the floor.

Colors: Red, turquoise, green, blue, grey, moss, orange, purple, yellow

Material: Textile: Gabriel, mixed

Size: 50 x 60 cm

Price: GBP 58