Jorunn Hustoft Friday 25 Jan 2013

Nnuroj is strongly influenced by the ways that wool can benefit our living environment. Her main concerns during the design process are to create pieces that are unique, durable and sustainable. The result is a range of knitted soft furnishings and accessories that have versatility in function and a broad, timeless appeal.

The modernisation of traditional crafts techniques is a central theme within the development of her designs. Her main inspiration is taken from traditional lace-making techniques. The forms and textures of these intricate textiles have been exaggerated and upsized into bold and tactile knits.

Nnuroj's products are manufactured on a hand powered domestic knitting machine with every single textural detail requiring additional handwork.  Every piece is produced to the highest standards using a merino blend 100% pure new wool.

The designs feature textural detailing on both sides to enhance their versatility and offer a more sculptural, three-dimensional appearance. The layers upon layers of knitting have been developed to mimic the principles of upholstery, offering a uniquely firm yet soft, cushioned feel.  All cushions are filled to the brim with 100% British Wool.

The Nnuroj Blanket Bag enables the wearer to choose between fully enclosing themselves in the piece for optimum warmth, or unbuttoning seams to free up their arms and feet. The wearer has full freedom of movement without leaving their blanket behind. The knit adapts to movements yet is equally resilient in returning to its original form.

The tablecloth blanket has been designed as a permanent feature within the home. The reversible texture of the knit has been designed to create pockets of warm air when worn one way whilst the inverse will be less warm. When the blanket is not in use it can be displayed on a table where the wool will continue to benefit your home environment.

Jorunn Hustoft

Textile Designer/Maker

Creative Director at Nnuroj



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